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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 73 of 451
Some Gift Ideas

 Bair's T-Shirt
Sizes: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), X-Large (XL) & 2X-Large (XXL)
$13.00 ea

1956-82 Assembly Manual
These Manuals Show Detailed Diagrams Of Major Components & Optional Equipment. These Were The Actual Diagrams Used By Assembly Workers On The Production Line. Specify Year.
$28.95 ea
1966-82 Vette Shop Manual
$34.95 ea
1953-2019 Corvette Black Book By Michael Antonick.
The Corvette Enthusiast's Bible , Charts, Illustrations. A Pocket Guide For Swap Meets And Car Shows. Year-To-Year Facts, Carburetor Numbers Serial Numbers, Production Figures, Engine Suffixes, Options, And More
$24.95 ea

66-79 Three book set - Owners Manual, Shop Manual, and Assembly Manual
Please Specify year
$74.95 st
80-82 Three book Set - Owner's Manual, Assembly Manual, and Service Manual
Please Specify year
$97.00 st

1963-82 100 Point Check-Up DVD- "FREE SHIPPING"
BAIR'S CORVETTES has been in the the Corvette business for 40 years. This DVD features 65 minutes of information that can save you thousands by knowing what to look for when buying a Corvette, and can make you thousands by knowing how to make repairs CORRECTLY before you sell. Stay one step ahead and know what the experts are looking for.
$19.95 ea