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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 67 of 451
Suspension Paint
 Alumi HOT SPOT HI-TEMP Spray Paint: is for any part that you want to give an aluminum look. Great for Transmission Housings & Alternators.
$9.95 ea
 Color Blast Spray Paint: for your engine blocks, there's color blast. Available in three GM colors. This is the Final Touch for that Rebuilt Engine. Please specify orange, blue or black.
$9.95 ea
 Shock Absorber Gray Spray Paint: used on 64-72 shock absorbers & 64-82 rear springs
$9.95 ea
 Stainless Steel Paint Spray Paint: for your cast iron parts such as rearend housings, spindle supports, sway bars, & half shafts.
$9.95 ea
 Hi-Temperature Cast Blast Spray Paint
$11.95 ea
67-82 Rally Wheel Paint
$13.95 ea

Vinyl Dye
63-82 Interior Dye "AEROSOL CAN" (Please Specify Year & Color)
$18.99 ea
 Vinyl Dye "QUART" (Specify Year & Color)
$79.95 ea

 Green Zinc Phosphate Primer (12oz. Spray Can)
$9.95 ea