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2005-2007 Fuel Rail Polished Stainless Cover Set (2pcs)
Two piece set of polished fuel rail covers simply attach over the factory plastic fuel rail covers
$199.00 set
2005-2007 Intake Polished Stainless Cover Set (2 pc)
Covers sit on top of the Corvette Factory intake manifold Covers are the perfedt place to affix an emblem
$55.00 set
2005-2007 Radiator Shroud Polished Stainless Cover Set (2 pc)
Covers affix across the top of the factory radiator shroud on either side of the intake covers measure 10-1/4" and 12-1/4"x10"
$95.00 set
2005-2008 Front Insert Panel Polished Stainless Cover & Hardware
polished stainless front panel insert fills the gap area where the hood meets the front area in the engine compartment. Once installed it fills in that front open area Cover measures 28"x2-1/4" and comes with new chrome plated hardware
$40.00 ea

2005-2007 INNER Fender Sections Polished Stainless Cover Set (2 pcs)
Pre-bent to cover the inner side fender area of the C-6
$165.00 set
2005-2008 Engine Compartment Inner Fender Chrome Plated Detail Screws Kit (14 pcs)
C-6 Owners These are the factory original Torx head screws that secure the inner fender to each side
$49.00 set
2005-2008 Hood Shocks Chrome Plated Covers (2 pc set)
$39.00 set

2005-2008 Engine Accent Chrome Plated Cap Set (4 pc) Fits oil fill, power steering reservoir, brake reservoir and radiator reservoir cap
four piece engine accent set was designed to slip over factory caps
$65.00 set
2005-2008 Machined Polished Billet Radio/Heater Ring Set (4 pc)
simply put a thin plastic chrome ring on the radio/heater knobs to dress them up this works on the C6 without Navigation easy to install
$29.95 set

1992-2008 Master Cylinder Brake Reservoir Chrome Cap Cover
Designed to slip over existing cap to give a nice finishing touch under the hood made in copper and chrome plating for lasting quality
$25.00 ea
1992-2008 Power Steering Chrome Cap Cover
This simply slip over your original factory cover Has a small vent hole on the edge like original cover
$25.00 ea
1986-2008 Oil Fill Cap Chrome Cover
It simply slips over the top of the original black oil cap found on the valve cover
$25.00 ea

1997-2007 Alternator Polished Stainless Cover & Hardware
Cover is vented to match the intake polished stainless cover Cover measures approximately 9-3/4" x 4" Each cover comes with the hardware
$79.95 ea
1997-2008 Triple Chrome Plated Hood Latches
Hood Strikers are tripled chrome plated, come with 4 new stainless washers and 4 stainless bolts
$100.00 pr
1997-2008 Brake Booster Polished Stainless Cover
attaches to the top portion of the brake booster It is the curved cover that covers the top portion of the brake booster behind the brake reservoir done in polished stainless
$25.00 ea

1997-2008 Brake Reservoir Polished Stainless Cover
Covers the top and also extends down the exposed side of the brake reservoir Cover is slotted measures 3-1/2" wide x 6-3/4" long x 5" high easy to install
$90.00 ea
1997-2008 Power Steering Reservoir Housing Polished Stainless Cover
It covers the top surface and the visible side facing the drivers side fender of the housing measures 2-1/4" wide x 3-1/2" long x 3-3/4" high
$32.00 ea
2002-2008 Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap Chrome-plated Cover
This windshield washer reservoir cap chrome plated cover is made in copper, then hand polished before chrome plating Measures 2-1/4" in diameter
$25.00 ea

1997-2008 Air Conditioning Check Valve Chrome Cap Covers (2 pcs)
Located on the passenger side in the engine compartment . Each main lines has a capped valve ( fill point) that has a black plastic cap on the valve opening.
$25.00 pr
2002-2007 Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap Chrome Cover
Easy to install it simply slips over the existing cap
$25.00 ea

2006-2012 CHROME Front Air Grille MOULDING
For Z-06 , ZR-1, and Grand Sport