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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 402 of 451
1984-91 Corvette Master Cylinder Cap Chrome Cover
It is all one piece.The top portion of cover is vented like the original Made in copper and chrome plated, so the quality will last
$28.00 ea
1992-2008 Master Cylinder Brake Reservoir Chrome Cap Cover
Designed to slip over existing cap to give a nice finishing touch under the hood made in copper and chrome plating for lasting quality
$25.00 ea
1984-1991 Power Steering Cap Chrome Cover
Designed to simply slip over the factory original power steering cap It has a small vent hole in top like the original cap Cover is made from copper and then hand polished prior to chrome plating It will never pit or rust
$25.00 ea
1992-2008 Power Steering Chrome Cap Cover
This simply slip over your original factory cover Has a small vent hole on the edge like original cover
$25.00 ea

1984-1996 Heater Blower Chrome Cap Cover
Simply slips over the outer cone portion of your heater motor assembly.
$29.95 ea
1989-1996 Heater Fan Assembly Stainless Cover
This cover is designed to attach to the heater fan assembly
$34.00 ea
1986-2008 Oil Fill Cap Chrome Cover
It simply slips over the top of the original black oil cap found on the valve cover
$25.00 ea
1978-1996 Water Reservoir Cap Chrome Cover
Cap Chrome Cover is vented like the original black plastic cap that it slips over Cap is a snug fit over the original water reservoir cap
$25.00 ea

1990-1996 Coolant Surge Tank Polished Stainless Cover
This cover follows the outline of the top raised surface only, and also comes down on the exposed sides to the center seam of the surge tank
$70.00 ea
1990-1996 Surge Tank Polished Stainless Bracket
It replaces the black metal bracket and attaches the same way as the original bracket does New Stainless Bolts are included to secure the bracket to the factory surge tank
$33.00 ea
1985-1989 Air Cleaner Knob Chrome Cover Caps (4 pcs set)
Made from copper then chrome plated for lasting quality
$35.00 set
1990-1996 Air Cleaner Knob Chrome Cover Caps (3 pcs)
Simply slip over the three existing knobs Once installed they make a nice finishing touch. They look like the part they are covering, it gives the appearance of being a factory looking part.
$28.00 set

1994-1996 Computer (ECM) Stainless Cover
Under the hood one of the most exposed parts is the computer (ECM) Has a series of vents across a portion of the top surface to help disburse heat built up
$70.00 ea
1994-1996 Computer (ECM) Mounting Bracket Stainless Cover
Top Portion of the triangle bracket that holds the computer in place
$27.00 ea
1984-1996 Polished Stainless Battery Top Cover
It is made to slip over the top of the factory AC Delco Battery
$43.00 ea
1992-1996 Power Steering Stainless Cover
It is designed to cover the actual power steering reservoir housing and the top the actual housing
$38.00 ea
1984-1996 Radiator Reservoir Coolant Bottle Polished Stainless Cover
Cover follows the outline of the top surface of the white plastic coolant bottle located in the front of the inner passenger fender easy to install
$43.00 ea

1988-1996 Headlight Motor Chrome Cap Covers (2 pc)
Simply slide over the small caps that are on the top of the headlight motors Made of copper and then hand polished and chrome plated for lasting quality
$27.00 set
1984-1996 Hood Latch Polished Stainless Cover Plates (2 pc)
Underside of the hood is a latch assembly that holds down the hood striker in place Each set comes with new stainless hardware and washers for a nice finishing touch
$44.00 pr
1984-1996 Air Conditioner Receiver/Drier Chrome Cap Cover
This new chrome cover is made from copper and designed to cover the top of the air conditioner receiver/drier.
$29.00 ea

1992-1996 Brake Reservoir Polished Stainless Top Cover
This cover is only designed to cover the top area of the plastic brake reservoir
$34.00 ea
1990-1996 Air Filter Top Housing Polished Stainless Cover
It covers the top area of the triangle shaped air cleaner housing that connects the air box housing to the intake bellow
$49.95 ea
1994-1996 Air Conditioning Check Valve Chrome Cap Covers (2 pcs)
Located on the passenger side in the engine compartment you have your main air conditioning lines They have a small hole in the top similar to the original plastic cap it covers
$24.00 pr
1984-1996 Under the Hood Polished Stainless Detail Screw Kit (16 pcs)
$42.00 set

1984 Air Cleaner Knob Chrome Cover Caps (2 pc)
Fits snug over the two knobs that secure the air cleaner together on the 1984 only made from copper and then chrome plated for a lasting appearance
$22.00 pr
1990-1993 Computer (ECM) Polished Stainless Cover
Fits over the factory computer located by firewall on the drivers side
$58.00 ea
1984-1996 Coupe Hatch Cap Black Cover Set (4 pc)
Black caps that attach to the rear hatch glass fade and these are to replace them with new black caps--powder coated satin black looks like original to last longer than regular black paint
$22.00 set
1984-1996 Coupe Hatch Chrome Cover Caps (4 pcs)
Black caps that attach to the rear hatch glass fade and these are to replace them with new Chrome Caps
$32.00 set