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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 351 of 451
63-82 Spindle Remover Tool
$19.95 ea
63-82 Shock Bolt Remover Tool
$19.95 ea

63-82 Rear Wheel Bearing Greaser
$15.00 ea

$27.00 ea

ALL Precision Rivet tool for Classic Corvettes
The Rivet Tool allows for the precision setting of tubular and semi-tubular rivets used on Classic Corvettes, such as those used on rebound straps, window channels and heater boxes, without damaging the material being riveted. It is supplied with two depth adjustable rivet head bases, one for truss head rivets and one for flat head rivets, and two interchangeable rivet setting/folding over tips, one for large rivets and one for small rivets.
$89.00 ea

 Snap-On 50th Anniversary Toolbox