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69-71 Used Speedo with Bezel assembly
Has new odometer numbers (white) Trip and Odometer works
$75.00 ea
73-76 Used Hood GRILLE
$40.00 ea
68-69 USED Head Rest BEZELS pair
$19.00 pr
65-75 Heavy Duty Side Axle CAPS w/Bolts

68-79 Rebuilt manual window regulator Exchange Left Hand
$50.00 core. New rollers, spring, and gear. CALL FOR MORE INFO
$125.00 exchange
68-79 Rebuilt manual window regulator Exchange Right hand
$50.00 core. New rollers, spring, and gear. CALL FOR MORE INFO
$125.00 exchange
75-79 USED Pair Front GRILLES Left & Right NICE SHAPE
$40.00 pair
75 Used Seat Belt Covers Pair LH & RH
GM#345452 & 345451
$25.00 pair

69-71 Used Tach in working condition Red Line 5300
$75.00 ea
72-76 Used Forward Console Auto with out Air
Used in Nice Shape
$35.00 ea
68-76 Used Inside Mirror Mount Bracket
Clip, Ball Stud
$25.00 ea
68 Used Front & Rear Side Marker Lamps (Set of 4)
Original Take-offs, Studs are all there, Some light sratching.
$32.00 set

68-82 USED Headlight TOP Left or Right
USED headlight tops CALL for Info & Details
$25.00 to 75.00ea
68-75 Used Convertible Top Deck Lid Latch RH Side
Original Take-off
$38.00 ea
77-82 Used Gas Pedal Assembly w/Fuel Bracket
Original Take-Off, Good condition
$20.00 ea

1969 Starter Motor for all 350 Engines with Turbo Hydra-Matic Used
1969 Starter Motor for all 350 Engines with Manual Transmission Used
70-72 All 350 Engines with Turbo Hydra-Matic
70-72 Starter Motor for Later 1971 & All 1972 350 Engines with 4-Speed

Built Aug 1976
$200.00 ea
75-79 Used Front End Clip
Front Clip with inner skirts and some hardware Came off a 1976
$500.00 ea
76-82 Used Pair rear backing Shields with Hardware
These have date codes on Aug 27 1979. Will fit 1965-1982
$25.00 pair
69-76 Used Parking Brake Console w/o PW has Both front & rear Reinforcements

79 Used Red Seatbelt Set
$250.00 st
79-82 Set USED seats with Tracks
The fiberglass seat frames are in good shape, the tracks are also in good shape, also the 4 hinge covers are there.
76 USED Wire Kit
KIT: Main Dash, Forward Lamp, & Rear Body
$97.00 kit
69-71 Used set of 4 Headlight Washer NOZZELS
$27.00 set

74-82 Wiper Arms (pair)
88-89 Used LH Wheel with Center Cap 17x9.5
$95.00 ea
80-82 USED Pair Front Bumper to Inner Plastic Skirts SHIELDS
The Left has a small crack
$25.00 pair
68-71 Used Original Seat Track Set with Spring and Knob (One Seat)
Good shape, cleaned up
$115.00 pr

68-79 Used 2 Inch Exhaust Manifold casting 3932461
68-79 Used 2 Inch Exhaust Manifold casting 3932461
70 Used Forward Console Blue
For a driver, can be painted
$25.00 ea
77-79 Used Urathane Rear Bumper
$150.00 ea

77-82 Pair Outside Remote LH & RH Sport Mirrors
69-77 Left Side Dash Vent Ball Assembly
74-75 Used Rear Bumper Letters With Nuts
74 Original Gauge Cluster Assembly
$50.00 ea

77-82 Parking Brake Handle
$30.00 ea
69-75 Used Steering Column with Telt & Tele
Call for more information.
69-82 Used Corvette Backing Shields Gold (pair)
$20.00 pr
70-72 Used Vacuum Storage Tank Headlight & Wiper
Tested & it holds vacuum, mounting holes are good
$175.00 ea

68-76 Used Stainless Steel Pillar Post weather strip RETAINERS
$60.00 pair
68-69 USED Coup Body TRIM MOULDINGS made of Aluminum
$50.00 pair
68 Used Original Lower Steering Cover Extensions
One tab broken
$20.00 set

68-82 LH Upper Door Hinge Rebuilt
Cleaned, Painted, New Bushing & Door Spring
$70.00 ea
68-82 RH Upper Door Hinge Rebuilt
Cleaned, Painted, New Bushing & Door Spring
$70.00 ea
68-82 LH Lower Door Hinge Rebuilt
Cleaned, Painted, New Bushing
$60.00 ea
68-82 RH Lower Door Hinge Rebuilt
Cleaned, Painted, New Bushing
$60.00 ea

70-73 Used Exhaust Panel
Green in color like 1973: Has some small nicks
$95.00 ea
80-82 USED Front Side Marker LAMPS Left & Right
Nice pair USED lamps
$50.00 pair
68-82 Used Headlight REAR LINK assembly
$20.00 ea
78-79 Used Glove Box Linner with 8 track Holders

74 Smog Pump Core
Used. Date Code: 316425. Includes: 1 Hose and Diverter.
$150.00 ea
79 Smog Pump Core
Does not turn. Needs rebuilt. Includes 2 hoses, 4 clamps, 1 diverter valve and 1 bracket.
$150.00 ea
68-72 Used Outer Windshield Reveal Moldings Some Scratches
76 Used Rear Body Wire Harness nice shape

68 15X7 XJJ Wheels (pair)
Stamped GM. 5 Bolt Pattern.
$150.00 ea
79-81 NEW BLUE Sunvisor with Telescopic rod
This is a NEW visor but has a small mark
$57.00 ea
77-79 Used Steering Wheel Brown Color, Brushed, Small Tear

69-79 Used Shifter Mounting BRACKET
69-82 Used Front Caliper Brake Mounting Brackets (LH & RH)
Chromed. Numbers on brackets.
$57.00 pr
68-72 Used Convertible Top Plastic Header Trim Panel, Original, Some Screw Holes Broken
72-75 Used Heater Controll Assmbly with AC

77-82 Gray Pillar Post (LH & RH)
Used. No chips or cracks. Can be painted to match.
$50.00 ea
77-82 Pillar Post (LH & RH)
Used. Can be painted to match. RH has a crack.
$35.00 ea
63-82 Used Pair Delco Air Shocks (LOOK LIKE NEW)
Used, They Hold Air, Missing Lines
$47.00 pair
68-79 Used Outer Heater Box (without air)
Sold on in Photo have more

76-82 Used Lock, Boot and Key Set
In working condition.
$17.00 set
77-82 LH & RH Windshield Trim Molding DARK BROWN
You can painted them to other colors
$30.00 pr
77-82 Parking Brake Center Console DARK BROWN
Comes with metal reinforcment
$25.00 ea

68-75 Hardtop Used
Headliner and weatherstripping intact. Glass dated: 1972.
$750.00 ea
75-77 Filler Neck Enlarged
$45.00 ea
73-77 Stainless Steel Winshield Outer Reveal Trim LH & RH
$80.00 pr
69-77 Used RH Air Outlet w/AC
$20.00 ea

73-75 Used Hood
Crack on underside of hood.
$150.00 ea
70-75 USED Seat Back Trim with out cut outs
NICE used part
69 USED Speed O with Speed Warning
Speed O and trip works
$350.00 ea
74 Gas Door Lid with Hinge and Bezel Assembly
$45.00 ea

77-82 Used Hood Hinges & Hood Support
Hinges and support move freely.
$37.00 ea
63-69 USED Pair U shape Plug wire shields
Have 2-3 pairs to pick from $39.00 pair (SOLD THE PAIR IN PHOTO)
78-82 LEFT Side Seat Belt
It retracts, was blue then it was painted black
$50.00 ea
70 Front Side Fender Louvers
Pair Left and Right
$225.00 pair

68-72 Windshield STAINLESS STEEL Trim with Weather Strip Retainer
$100.00 set
78-80 Used Rear Window Defogger Switch
$20.00 ea
73-74 Used Front Bumper Brackets 4pcs set
SOLD Ones in Photo have more & DIFFERENT YEARS
63-69 Original Vented Fuel Tank Locking Gas Cap
Original Briggs & Stratton Keys, Chrome Plating Has Some Rust Areas
$25.00 ea

68 Used Door Latch
$75.00 ea
79 Used Side Rocker Moldings (pair)
Couple of holes that are enlarged. Painted black. No major dings. Okay for everyday driver. Will also fit 78 & 80.
$67.00 pr
74-82 AC Condenser with Brackets
Couple of Dings
$75.00 ea
68-71 USED Seat Belt Switch in Center Gauge Bezel
Switch works

72 Smog Pump Core
Dated 166 2 1S (166 Day, 1972, 1st Shift). Does not turn. Needs rebuilt. Includes bracket and pulley.
$75.00 ea
74 Smog Pump Core
Dated 060 4 2S (60 Day, 1974, 2nd Shift). Diverter valve dated GL Does not turn. Needs rebuilt. Includes bracket and pulley.
$100.00 ea
79 Used Sound Deadening and Heat Block Insulation
Missing one piece over body mount.
$37.00 set
68-82 Used Fresh Air Vent DOORS

63-76 Used Small Block AC Compressor Core with Brackets
8878222M on bracket.
$75.00 ea
80-82 Pair Used Back Up Lamps
$35.00 pair
73 Used LH Seat Belt Cover
$35.00 ea

74-77 Used RH Quarter Trim Panel
No cracks. Some scratches. Thread holes in good condition.
$77.00 ea
69 Used LH & RH Anti-Theft Door Lock Shield Latch Guards
Call for others
68-74 Seat Track Floor Reinforcements Bracket Plates
$25.00 pr
68-77 Used Trip Odometer Reset Cable
$17.50 ea

68E Used Headlight Lids (pair)
Good condition. Measure 18.25" across.
$300.00 pr
 Used Sunpro Gauges (Oil, Temp & Voltmeter)
Missing 2 lights and 1 oil pressure line.
$15.95 ea
73-74 Used pair Seat Tracks Does one Seat
They been Cleaned and detailed
78 Gas Door Lid & Bezel with 25th Anniversary Emblem
Good condition.
$37.00 ea

78-80 L-82 Used Air Cleaner Assembly with Dual Snorkel
70-73 Red Rear Side Marker Lamps LH & RH
$50.00 pr
73-74 Front Amber Marker Lamps
$50.00 pr

76-82 Used Water Pump Pulley (Single Groove)
$27.00 ea
63-82 Reconditon Power Steering Pitman Arm
$20.00 ea
73-76 Used Hood Support
$29.00 ea
77-82 Used Hood Support
$29.00 ea

68-70 Used Ignition Shield Distributor Box & Lid with Vertical Shielding
$37.00 set
68 Left Outside Door PUSH BUTTON Assemble
$69.00 ea
68 Right Outside Door PUSH BUTTON Assemble
$69.00 ea

75-82 Used 1 1/8" Original Front Sway Bar FE7 Gymkhana
Cleaned and painted
$119.00 ea
63-82 Used Rear Lower Shock Bolts
Good threads, knurls are good
$45.00 pair

69-75 Used OEM Black Steering Wheel
$125.00 ea

 Bair's Corvettes - Proudly Serving Your Corvettes Need 1970
Same Location Since 1970

68 Pair Used Front Side Markers
$15.00 pair
68-69 Pair Used Rear Side Markers
$15.00 pair
68-76 Used Rear Defroster Outlet Duct
Original take-off
$29.00 ea

72-74 USED Tach RED LINE 5300
$37.00 ea
78-81 Nice USED Right Door panel RED
For a nice driver
$95.00 ea
74-77 Used LH Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Cover
Good condition
$20.00 ea
74-77 Used RH Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Cover
Good condition
$20.00 ea

75-79 USED Dual Groove Water Pump PULLY
part number on it 346299
$47.00 ea
63-69 Used Power Steering METAL CAP
$25.00 ea
68-79 GOOD USED LEFT Manual Window Crank Housing with bushing and Shaft
$17.00 ea

69-76 Used Lower Steering Column COVER
Have different colors
$17.00 ea
#68 TACH
68 Used Tach Red Line 5500
Good Used 68 only Tach
$77.00 ea

75 Seat Belt COVERS, PAIR covers the retrators on the floor under the seats
$37.00 pair
73-75 USED Wiper Switch HOUSING with out Air
68-77 Used Left Kick Panel
63-74 Rebuilt half Shaft with NEW Greasable Spicer U-Joints and Used Flange
$115.00 ea

69-76 Used Windshield Top Trim with Guide Bushings
LH GM #396601. RH GM #396602
$17.00 ea
68 USED OEM Seat Back pair
Has some small cracks
$47.00 pair
79-82 Windshield Upper Trim Molding
Some scratching.
$89.00 ea

68-74 NOS 68-74 GM Gas Tank STRAPES Pair
$37.00 pair
68-73 Used LH Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Cover
Good condition
$20.00 ea
68-73 Used RH Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Cover
$20.00 ea

80-82 USED Pair Front FIBERGLASS Bumper Braces
$90.00 pair

69-82 LH Recondition Front Caliper Bracket
They Have Been Cleaned, Detailed, & Replated Gold Anodized ( EXCHANGE )
$30.00 exchange
69-82 RH Recondition Front Caliper Bracket
They Have Been Cleaned, Detailed, & Replated Gold Anodized ( EXCHANGE )
80-85 Oil Pan, New Engine Take off - Like New
Taken off new engine back in 1980's.
63-82 Reconditon Power Steering Pitman Arm
$20.00 ea

 Used 2 inch Exhaust Manifold casting 3747038 Dated H22
$125.00 ea
71 Used Intake Manifold 350-270HP casting # 3973469 Dated L 3 70
63-79 Rebuilt Manual Steering Center Link Cleaned, Detailed, New Stud, Seal, and Clamp
$225.00 ea

75-79 Used set front Grille BRACKETS set 4pcs
$17.00 set
75-77 Used Washer Jar and Coolant Tank
$17.00 set

73-74 USED PAIR Inner Skirt Reinforcements
WILL FIT 68-74 & 75-82
$47.00 pair
79-82 Seat FRAME Bucket Assembly

$50.00 ea
65-68 Front Used HUB With NEW USA Made Rotor,
Front used Hub with NEW USA Made Rotor, New Timkin Bearings,Races, Seals, 5 new Wheel Studs, & Riveted together & turned. LIMITED SUPPLY
68-75 Convertible Deck Lid Hinges (pair)

70-72 NEW Front Fender FRONT Section only
NEW press molded FRONT fender section
$150.00 ea

69-72 Big Block Expansion Tank with Air
Date Code 71L
$100.00 ea
75-82 Smog Pump Core
Dated 09 3 8 1S
$20.00 ea
69 USED Set Front & Rear Side MARKERS
$20.00 set

76 USED Igntion Harness
Came out of 76 4sp will work on Auto
74 Used Pair Front GRILLES Metal
The parking lamp screw nee fixing on both.
$97.00 pair
68 USED Lower Steering Colum COVER
$25.00 ea
 USED Mr Gasket Pro Shifter & Muncie style leavers
$47.00 ea

70-72 USED Front Center Grille
Couple of LITTLE nicks
$77.00 ea
71-75 Pully extension for Water pump
GM number on pulley 3991425
$27.00 ea
$350.00 ea
70 Inside Mirror Cover Used

68 Used Black, Right Lower Dash Pad
For a driver some markes
$55.00 ea
68 Used OEM Door Panel Black Plastic PULL INSERTS
$27.00 pair
68 Used OEM Door Panel PULL STRAPS Blue
$27.00 pair

73-76 Used Coup Rear Window Lower Trim
$35.00 ea
73-76 Used Pair Rear Roof Panel Trim
Good condition
$39.00 pr
74-77 Used RH Rear Quarter Trim Panel
All screw holes in good shape
$85.00 ea
74-77 Used LH Rear Quarter Trim Panel
All screw holes in good shape
69-77 Used Lower Steering Column Cover
$25.00 ea