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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 324 of 451
 Basic A-Arm off of a 1963-1982 Corvette

 This is the A-arms after being baked in our dryer up to 600 degrees. This turns the grease, rubber, oil and dirt into powder.

 The parts entering the steel shot machine

 Steel Shot Machine

 The parts are held in place with bars, the cage turns with steel shots. The Parts are cleaned to the raw forgings and bear metal.

 A layout of all parts used in the A-Arm Rebuild Kit

 Close up of upper ball joint RIVETED in like factory

63-82 A-Arm ready to be reinstalled onto the car.
Rebuild your A-Arms

63-82 We can rivet in your ball joints. Uppers or Lowers. $100.00 a car set.
Supply us your a-Arm in primer we will rivet the ball joints in so you can finish the paint work 25.00 each A-Arm, $100.00 a car set (minus Ball joint) we also can do Camaros.
$25.00 ea

65-68 Front Used HUB With NEW USA Made Rotor,
Front used Hub with NEW USA Made Rotor, New Timkin Bearings,Races, Seals, 5 new Wheel Studs, & Riveted together & turned. LIMITED SUPPLY