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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 322 of 451
 This is a basic rear end out of a 1965-1979 Corvette before we start the rebuild process.

 This is the rear housing after it is baked in our dryer up to 600 degrees. This turns the grease, rubber, oil, and dirt into powder so we have a bare housing.

 Steel Shot Machine

 The parts are held in with bars, the cage turns with steel shots. The parts are cleaned to the raw forgings and bare metal.

 All the other parts are clean; ready for assembly. The housing is like a new forging inside.
 Rear End Master Rebuild Kit.
This kit comes complete with all Timken bearings, axle shields, clutch kit, guides, pinion washer and nut, spider gear pin and bolt, seals, gasket, crush sleeve, thrust washers, ring gear bolt, cover bolts, snap rings, setup shims, marking compound, comes with oil and additive kit.
$325.00 kt

 All the new parts we install during the rebuild service.

 A look at the rear end after assembly.

 Ready to reinstall.

65-79 Rearend & Posi-trac Rebuild Your Rearend With New Bearing Set, GM Posi-trac Kit, New Seals & Gasket, GM Oil & Additive (CALL 1-800-421-9644 FOR MORE INFO) 80-82 REAR
$675.00 ea

80-82 Rebuild Your Rear End
Rebuild your rear end with new Timken bearings, seals, gasket, clutches, pins, washers, bolts, & comes with oil kit.