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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 297 of 451
LIST $295.00
$207.00 ea
64-67 Brake Booster Check VALVE: OFF-WHITE
$12.00 ea
64-67 Brake Booster Check VALVE: WHITE
$12.00 ea
65 Power Brake Conversion Kit
Kit has: New Brake Booster with mounting braket, New GM restoration Master cylinder with 3/16 ports, Stainless Steel 7pcs Brake Line kit with 3/16 lines, & Left front brake block.
$995.00 kit

68-76 New Power Brake Booster
Correct Rubber Boot, Heavy Paper Firewall Gasket, Clevis with OE Pin & Retainer, and 3/8"x16 Master Cylinder Studs with Nuts, Original Weep Groove
$195.00 ea
68-76 Power Brake Booster GASKET
$5.95 ea
68-76 Rubber Boot Rear Power Brake Booster
$14.00 ea
68-76 Pin & Seal for Brake Booster to Master Cylinder
$29.00 ea

77-82 New Power Brake Booster
$185.00 ea
77-82 Power Brake Booster Mounting GASKET
$5.95 ea
68-82 Power Brake Booster Valve GROMMET
$5.95 ea
68-82 Power Brake Booster Check VALVE
$9.50 ea

68-82 Power Brake Booster PIN
$8.00 ea
77-82 Power Brake Booster BOOT
$14.00 ea
68-82 Brake Pedal CLEVIS
$18.00 ea