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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 23 of 449
63-82 Rebuild Your Steering Box Rebuilt With New Seals, Bushings,Bearings,& Races (EXCHANGE) plus $150.00 core TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR RIDE - Buy USA made.
$150.00 ea
63-82 Steering Box Rebuild Kit
(Kit Includes: Seals, Bearings Races,Ball Bearings,2-Bushings, End Plug, and Gasket)
$65.00 kt
63-82 Steering Box & Lower Idler Arm BOLT with NUT& WASHER
$4.50 ea
63-82 Steering Box Mounting BOLT SETw/ NUTS
3 Bolts, Lock washers, & Nuts
$11.00 set
63-68 Steering Box Rebuilt with New Shaft & Sector
$450.00 ea

63-82 Steering Box Top SEAL
$7.95 ea
63-82 Steering Box Pitman Arm SEAL
$7.95 ea
63-82 Steering Box Top GASKET
$3.95 ea
63-82 Steering Box GASKET KIT
Steering Box Gasket Kit: Has Top GASKET, Top SEAL, & Pitman Arm SEAL
$17.50 kt

63-66 Steering Column Coupler With Lower Flange W/O Tele USA MADE
$150.00 EA
67-69 Steering Column Coupler W/O Power Steering USA MADE
This is make like OEM with the METAL reinforcement. Watch out for the replacements that do not have the metal in them. USA MADE Limited supply
$150.00 ea
69-82 Steering Column Coupler, 69 with Power Steering & ALL 70-82
This is made like OEM, with the METAL Reinforcement. Watch out for the replacements that do not have the metal in them. USA MADE Limited supply
$150.00 EA

69-82 New Old Stock Steering Box Lid w/ Bushing, Bolts, and Gaskets

63-82 Power Steering Valve Rebuild Kit
$25.00 kt
63-82 Power Steering Ram Cylinder Rebuild Kit
$25.00 kt
63-82 Corvette Power Steering Do It Yourself Rebuild Kit
Kit Comes with Parts to Rebuild Your Own P.S. Valve, Ram & Steering Box
$90.00 kt

63-82 FILTER: Power Steering In-Line Filter
Helps stop dirt from getting into your Valve, Pump & Ram (Cut the return hose to install the In-Line Filter)
$29.95 ea