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Bair's Product Catalog: Page 23 of 451
63-82 Rebuild Your Steering Box Rebuilt With New Seals, Bushings,Bearings,& Races (EXCHANGE) plus $150.00 core TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR RIDE - Buy USA made.
$150.00 ea
63-82 Steering Box Rebuild Kit
(Kit Includes: Seals, Bearings Races,Ball Bearings,2-Bushings, End Plug, and Gasket)
$65.00 kt
63-82 Steering Box & Lower Idler Arm BOLT with NUT& WASHER
$4.50 ea
63-82 Steering Box Mounting BOLT SETw/ NUTS
3 Bolts, Lock washers, & Nuts
$11.00 set
63-68 Steering Box Rebuilt with New Shaft & Sector
$450.00 ea

63-82 Steering Box Top SEAL
$7.95 ea
63-82 Steering Box Pitman Arm SEAL
$7.95 ea
63-82 Steering Box Top GASKET
$3.95 ea
63-82 Steering Box GASKET KIT
Steering Box Gasket Kit: Has Top GASKET, Top SEAL, & Pitman Arm SEAL
$17.50 kt
63-82 Steering Box Bearing & Seal Kit
2-bearings with races, Top seal, Ptman arm Seal, Top Gasket, Soft Plug, & Bag Ball Bearings
$44.95 kit

63-66 Steering Column Coupler With Lower Flange W/O Tele USA MADE
67-69 Steering Column Coupler W/O Power Steering USA MADE
This is make like OEM with the METAL reinforcement. Watch out for the replacements that do not have the metal in them. USA MADE Limited supply
69-82 Steering Column Coupler, 69 with Power Steering & ALL 70-82
This is made like OEM, with the METAL Reinforcement. Watch out for the replacements that do not have the metal in them. USA MADE Limited supply
69-82 REPLACEMENT Steering Column Coupler / Rag Joint
$39.00 ea

69-82 New Old Stock Steering Box Lid w/ Bushing, Bolts, and Gaskets

63-82 Power Steering Valve Rebuild Kit
$25.00 kt
63-82 Power Steering Ram Cylinder Rebuild Kit
$25.00 kt
63-82 Corvette Power Steering Do It Yourself Rebuild Kit
Kit Comes with Parts to Rebuild Your Own P.S. Valve, Ram & Steering Box
$90.00 kt

63-82 FILTER: Power Steering In-Line Filter
Helps stop dirt from getting into your Valve, Pump & Ram (Cut the return hose to install the In-Line Filter)
$29.95 ea