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65-82 Rearends/Differentials Rebuilds We Professionally Rebuild YOUR Rearend to SHOW QUALITY
Rebuild Rearend, Clean & Inspect all Gears & Parts. Set up Bearings and Torque Pinion, Preload GM Specs, Clean & Detail Case, Set up Positraction Clutch Kit, Set up Ring & Pinion Pattern to Remove Rearend Noise. Torque Side Carrier Bearing Caps to GM Specs. Different Gear Ratios Available----See Our Rebuild Service Section
$649.00 ea
65-79 Differential Rebuild Kit
(KIT Includes:TIMKEN Bearings,Races,Seals,Crush Sleave,Pinion Nut,Ring Gear Bolts,Gaskets, & Shims)
$125.00 kt
80-82 Differential Rebuild Kit
(Kit Includes:TIMKEN Bearings, Races, Seals, Pinion Nut, Ring Bolts, Gasket, Pinion Shims, & Side Shims)
$125.00 kt
63-79 New GEARS 2:73,3:08,3:36, 3:55,3:73,or4:11 Ratios (Specify) for rearends (#17) Please Call when ordering Gears 1-800-421-9644
4:11 Gears That Fit The 3 Series Carrier WITH OUT A SPACER
$315.00 ea
63-79 Rearend Inner Axles (exchange) (#22) "plus a $50.00 core"
$50.00 CORE
$149.00 ea
80-82 Rearend Side Axles (Exchange) (#22)
Please Specify Year (4 Speed or Auto) & Side (Left or Right)
 Rear End Master Rebuild Kit.
This kit comes complete with all Timken bearings, axle shields, clutch kit, guides, pinion washer and nut, spider gear pin and bolt, seals, gasket, crush sleeve, thrust washers, ring gear bolt, cover bolts, snap rings, setup shims, marking compound, comes with oil and additive kit.
$325.00 kt

63-79 Rear Crossmember Mounting Bushing (#2)
$69.00 ea
63-79 Rear End Front Mounting Bushing (#12)
$17.50 st

$22.00 ea

63-79 Rearend Seal & Gasket Kit
$18.00 ea